Make your own wedding rings at Rosalyn\'s Emporium.

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Make your own wedding rings at Rosalyn's Emporium

Make your own wedding rings 

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I don't have any experience making jewellery. Can I still do it? 

Yes!  The experience day is aimed at beginners. All of the techniques you will be taught are simple, using hand tools such as pliers, hammers & files.  

Everything will be demonstrated first on a silver sample ring which you can then practise on prior to working on your wedding rings.  
If you are not confident about a certain aspect I will happily do it for you.  

Your wedding rings will be professionally finished to a high standard & you can do as little or as much as you feel comfortable doing.

I don't know what style of wedding ring I want - where do I start?  

​The choice of wedding rings is almost endless so some common terms below will help you narrow down the options.

D-Shape is flat on one side & rounded on the other. The rounded side can be on the inside or outside of the ring depending on what you find most comfortable. Usually available in widths from 2mm - 8mm.  

Court Fit is gently rounded on the inside & outside. Usually available in different widths from 2mm - 8mm. 

Shaped ready-made wedding rings usually have a scoop or bend on one side in order to sit beside a standard solitaire (single stone) engagement ring. Generally no more than 3mm wide if sitting alongside another ring. 

Flat is quite simply flat on both sides.  

ready-made wedding rings normally have repeat patterns etched on the metal. It is often called 'diamond cut' but does not always mean there is a diamond set in the ring. The cuts in the metal reflect light & can give the illusion of stones flashing when the ring is moved. This technique is often used around small diamonds to make them appear bigger and is known as an 'illusion setting'.  

Diamond Set wedding rings can be beautiful next to an engagement ring or provide a solution if you only want one ring but do not want to miss out on the sparkle. 

Two or Three Colour rings combine yellow, white or rose gold. If you want to match an existing engagement ring but also like wearing different colour metal watches, jewellery or to match your partner's choice if different to yours, a two or three colour wedding ring could be the solution.  

Mixed Metal generally describes the use of yellow or rose gold combined with silver instead of white gold to reduce the cost but still achieve a two or three colour look. The ring can still be hallmarked because they are both precious metals but will be primarily marked with a silver hallmark & then with a secondary smaller gold fineness mark. 

Bridal Set  there is a huge trend for diamond bridal sets when you purchase an engagement ring & matching band at the same time. The matching band is often worn straight away which leaves the question of what to use as a wedding ring.  A simple, plain, made to measure wedding band is the perfect solution to balance out all those diamonds. You can still take part in the experience day if you have a bridal set engagement ring.

Polished/Satin Finish  are terms referring to the final appearance of the rings.  A ring can be one finish all over or a combination to highlight different colour metals, shapes or sections in order to create interest.  

Can I have stones set in my wedding ring? 

Yes, but stone setting is a specialist skill so not something that I can teach you during the wedding ring experience day.  

You make the plain wedding rings during the experience day & then stones will be set afterwards by my setter in Hatton Garden. 

Unusually shaped stone set wedding rings will be treated as a bespoke commission & quoted separately from any experience day charges. 

We only need one wedding ring. Can we still attend? 

​Yes! In the event that only one wedding ring is to be made you can still both come & share the experience together. 
You could make a token silver ring to share the making experience & you will have the silver sample ring to practise on too.  

You could also choose to use the time to make bridal party gifts whilst your partner makes a wedding ring. 

You would still be charged for a full experience day but only be charged materials for the one wedding ring or bridal party gifts.   

I don't know my finger size. Can I change the ring afterwards?  

Yes. within reason. During your consultation meeting I will take your finger measurements to ensure an accurate starting point.
Throughout the experience day itself we can check your wedding ring at each stage to ensure it fits perfectly & is comfortable to wear. The wedding rings will literally be tailor made for you & we can account for any finger shape & size. 

Fingers do change size for different reasons such as temperature, pregnancy, losing or gaining weight. These are mostly temporary but if you think your wedding ring does not fit or is uncomfortable after wearing it for at least 6 months I will happily change the size of any gold or silver wedding rings free of charge within two sizes of the original wedding ring. More significant changes may incur additional charges for my time or additional gold or silver required. Adjustments will be quoted on & payment required in advance of the alterations taking place. 

Unfortunately I can not offer an alterations service for platinum or palladium wedding rings. If these metals were required you would make a silver version on the experience day & then I would send that to be cast in your chosen metal. There may be an option to alter the silver master ring after your wedding day but you would need to pay for the platinum or palladium casting charges again. If you were really unsure of how the ring would wear you may be able to take the silver ring home with you to test out before it is cast but this would of course increase the time before your wedding ring was completed. 

In the unlikely event you change your mind completely & materials have already been ordered for you, the initial
50% deposit is unfortunately non-refundable. If the deposit does not fully cover the cost of the materials purchased for you I will invoice you for the remaining amount. This will be payable immediately. 

Ideally we will work together to find a solution & may be able to make adjustments to suit your change of mind. 

Can I recycle gold jewellery to make my wedding ring? 

Yes!! Due to popular demand I have now found an expert who can melt down & reform existing, hallmarked gold to be used again.

The recyled gold can be made into wire or sheet form & used in whole or part to make something new. There are some restrictions on shape & size for the reformed gold due to the way it is made but still plenty of options to choose from. 

The jewellery to be recycled must be hallmarked so I know that it will not contaminate other gold it is potentially mixed with & will pass UK hallmarking standards. 

Please contact me for more details. This is a lovely way to make use of jewellery with particular sentimental meaning & recreate something that you will love & perhaps pass on to future generations.

I can also arrange for your unwanted jewellery to be recycled at my bullion dealers & charge a £20 admin & specialy delivery postage charge for this. You will recieve the remaining amount. 

I don't know anything about precious metals, help! 

Gold is the most popular choice for wedding rings. However there is now a wealth of other metals available on the high street. These cater for different budgets & styles. 

My workshop is equipped to work with gold & silver at present.  

If you require a platinum or palladium wedding ring you can make a silver version during the experience day. I will send the silver ring to be cast in your chosen metal. The cast platinum or palladium ring will be an exact replica of the silver ring you made. 

Gold: In its natural state, gold is a yellowy, red colour. Pure gold is very expensive & soft so not ideal for making jewellery that is to be worn every day.

To make it stronger & also to change the original colour it is mixed with different amounts of alloys e.g. copper, zinc, silver or cobalt. 

9ct Gold is the lowest amount of pure gold vs alloy metals that can be called 'gold' in the UK. 
18ct Gold has less alloys mixed with it & is more valuable due to the higher pure gold content. It is softer so will wear more over time then 9ct Gold. 

Gold can be purchased in 9ct, 18ct, yellow, white or rose colours.  
22ct is available in selected styles only & is not ideal for something you wear every day. 

Rhodium Plating: Rhodium is a metal found in platinum ores. It is the most expensive metal & is a bright silver white colour.  
White gold on its own can be a bit dull so it is often rhodium plated, particularly if the item is diamond set. The plating will wear off over time but can be replaced again & again. Rhodium plating can be white or black.

Sterling Silver: Standard sterling silver contains 92.5% weight of silver & 7.5% of other alloys, usually copper. The combination of silver & copper gives the metal strength to be made into items worn or used frequently. Pure silver would be too soft to use.

Platinum: Is a noble, rare metal, more valuable then gold. It is hypoallergenic, hard-wearing & a silvery white colour. Rather than scratch like gold, it will matt down over time producing a satin finish.   

Palladium: Is a more affordable member of the platinum family. It shares the same properties & colour as platinum. Like gold, palladium can be mixed with other alloys to make it more cost-effective. Palladium 500 is the cheaper form & has 50% palladium & 50% alloys. Palladium 950 is 95% palladium & 5% alloys. 

We don't want the same metal type. Is that OK?

Yes, the beauty of making your own rings is they can reflect your individual tastes.  

If you are matching a wedding ring to an engagement ring I would advise you to choose the same metal so they don't wear against each other. If you have an 18ct Gold engagement ring you would be better off with an 18ct Gold wedding ring.  A 9ct Gold wedding ring is a harder metal & over time will wear down the engagement ring. 

If you do decide on a different metal to your partner you could still have something common to both such as a texture or finish, or engrave a message inside.  

Can our children be involved making our wedding rings?

During the making process we use many sharp & potentially dangerous tools. For this reason children are generally not allowed to take part in or attend the experience day.

However, if this is very important to you, there may be some aspects that they can join in with such as buffing, texturing with hammers & personalising with metal stamps.  

My recommendation is to only allow children over 12 years old to attend experience days unless you believe they are responsible enough to attend. You will be liable for their behaviour & they must adhere to the health & safety advice at all times.  

Why do you have to hallmark our wedding rings? 

A hallmark is a guarantee that you are being sold something as advertised to you.  

Precious metals are mixed with alloy metals to change colour or make them more durable. Metals can look the same even to a trained jeweller. Base metals can be plated in a precious metal. It is difficult to identify what you are being sold unless it is tested & authenticated by the Assay Office.  

Any item being sold in the UK as a precious metal must meet a legal standard of the pure metal vs alloys.  

Items are exempt from hallmarking if they fall below a certain total metal weight (excluding stones or non metal parts) 
Silver under 7.78 grams. Gold under 1.0 gram. Palladium under 1.0 gram. Platinum under 0.5 grams.

To prove to the customer that they are paying for the metal as advertised, each item is tested & stamped with appropriate marks to indicate the metal & its fineness.   

From 1st January 1999 all hallmarks in the UK required 3 compulsory marks:

1) Sponsor's Mark - all items made at Rosalyn's Emporium will be stamped with my RE mark. 

2) Standard mark - this proves the fineness of the metal. Each metal & each fineness of metal has its own mark.  

3) Assay Office mark - all Rosalyn's Emporium items will be sent to the London Assay Office & will be stamped with their symbol which is a Leopard's head. 


Can I buy gift vouchers?  

 Yes! You can purchase Rosalyn’s Emporium gift vouchers for any amount over £50. Gift vouchers can be used to cover the
whole of or a contribution towards 'make your own wedding rings' experience days or any other services & products from Rosalyn’s Emporium.

You will receive a Rosalyn’s Emporium voucher made out to the value of your choice & presented in a gift box & bag.

An additional charge of £8.00 will be added per voucher to cover luxury gift packaging & 1st class Royal Mail Signed For Service postage to an address of your choice.

Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of issue for general purchases.

If vouchers are purchased for a 'make your own wedding rings' experience day the consultation meeting must take place within
6 months of the voucher’s date of issue. The experience day itself must take place within 12 months of the voucher's date of issue.​ 

Refunds can not be offered if a voucher is not used in full before the 12 months period. 

When & how do we receive our finished items?

Wedding rings made during an experience day will be available within a minimum of 2 weeks of the experience day date if they are only being hallmarked. Engraving & rhodium plating can take up to a further 2 weeks each. 

If you require the wedding rings sooner it may be possible for me to take them personally to the London Assay Office for
an 'Early Hall' service but this will incur additional charges for my travel & hallmarking penalties. Early Hall options range from a one hour service to next day so can reduce time significantly if you are desperate. 

Engraving & rhodium plating can take place after your wedding day but of course you would need to be without them for a further 2-4 weeks so possibly not ideal.

Bespoke comissions can differ greatly in terms of completion dates so it is best to advise me of what you want & when you need it by so I can decide if it is possible. I will not accept a comission if I think I do not have enough time to finish it perfectly for you. 

Once I have confirmed your items are completed you are welcome to collect in person or I can post them to you using the Royal Mail Special Delivery service to an address of your choice. I will let you know when they are ready to be posted so you know when to expect them. 


Below are Rosalyn's Emporium T&C's which we reserve the right to alter at any time.   
Last updated January 2018.

50% Non-Refundable Deposit

Following your consultation I will provide you with a quote for the experience day + materials as per your requirements. You will have 5 calendar days to review & confirm you are happy with the quote. During the consultation I will indicate how long it will be until I can provide you with a quote dependant on your time scales & my workload.

Once confirmed you will be required to pay a 50% non-refundable deposit which will secure your experience day date & allow precious metals to be ordered at the quoted value. The deposit is payable within the 5 day quote period.

If you are making rings in Platinum or Palladium you will make silver master rings during your experience day. These will be moulded & cast in your chosen metal afterwards. Cast rings will be quoted closer to your experience day so that the final metal costs are most accurate. A 50% non-refundable deposit will still be required within 5 days of the invoice being issued. I can provide an estimated quote if you require following your consultation & will update it nearer your experience day.

Prices can go up or down so you will always get the best value because I buy at the current market rate.

The 50% deposit for all experience days is payable by bank transfer to the account details provided on the invoice. If you do not pay within the 5 days the quote may need to be reissued to ensure the precious metal price is still accurate.

If paying using Paypal any subsequent additional Paypal charges will be confirmed to you & added to your final invoice.

Remaining 50% Invoice

The remaining 50% invoice will be payable at least 48 hours prior to your experience day taking place. This is payable by bank transfer using the bank account details provided on the invoice. 

In exceptional circumstances payment plans & installments can be arranged but in all cases a 50% non-refundable deposit must be paid before an experience day takes place & full payment must be received before any completed items are taken by the relevant clients.

Consultation Time & Place 

Consultations should ideally take place at least 6 months prior to you needing the completed wedding rings. Bear in mind this may be earlier than your actual wedding date, especially if you are marrying abroad.  

Shorter time frames can be managed but may incur additional costs for express hallmarking or mean you have to delay engraving or rhodium plating until after the wedding day.  

Consultations will take place in my workshop in Chesham, Buckinghamshire. Chesham is a market town situated in the Chiltern Hills. The full address for my workshop will provided in advance. 

If I meet you at a wedding fair & can take your details this will be our consultation & we can establish if another meeting is required prior to quotation.    
Consultations can take place at weekends, weekdays or evenings with advance notice & will last for up to 1.5 hours. There is no charge for a consultation & no obligation to continue if I can not offer what you want.  

TRAVELLING TO CHESHAM BY TUBE:  Chesham can be reached via the Metropolitan tube line zone 9. I advise you to check TFL journey planner one week prior to making your journey to Chesham on the tube. There are sometimes weekend restrictions to Chesham due to track works so you may need to make alternative travel plans or allow extra time for rail replacement services. These track works are out of my control & it is your responsibility to ensure you can travel to Chesham on the required dates & times we have agreed. I will not be able to refund charges if you cannot travel to Chesham due to this reason. 

TRAVELLING TO CHESHAM BY CAR:  Chesham is easily reached via the M1, M40 & M25. My workshop is a very short walk from the Albany Place car park outside the Elgiva Theatre (HP5 1LL) This is the easiest option for you to park & costs £1.40 for up to 2 hours. (prices correct for January 2018). Pay by phone is available in this car park.

Experience Day Time & Place 

Ideally the experience day should be held a minimum of 3 months before you need the completed wedding rings. This allows for hallmarking, engraving & rhodium plating if required. Cast rings may take longer to complete.

The experience day will run from 10am - 5pm & we will allow an hour for lunch where you are free to walk in to Chesham to find something to eat. There are plenty of cafes & coffee shops to choose from & sometimes a local food market too.

TRAVELLING TO CHESHAM BY TUBE:  Please read the comments above in 'Consultation Time & Place' regarding checking TFL planner one week before travelling. My workshop is no more than a 10 minute walk from the train station & I will give you clear directions in advance. 

TRAVELLING TO CHESHAM BY CAR:  Chesham is easily reached via the M1, M40 & M25. My workshop is a very short walk from the Albany Place car park outside the Elgiva Theatre (HP5 1LL) This is the easiest option for you to park & costs £3.60 for the day (prices correct for January 2018). Pay by phone is available in this car park.

Cancellation Policy

CONSULTATION: 24 hours cancellation notice required.
If either party need to cancel your consultation for any reason I will do my best to rearrange with you at a convenient time within your allowed time frame. If we are not able to arrange an alternative consultation within a time frame that allows me to give you the best service possible I may regretfully have to refuse your booking. No money will have exchanged hands at this point & you will be free to find alternative wedding rings from another source. 

If I need to cancel your experience day for any reason & we cannot find an alternative date within your required time frame you will be issued with a full refund for any monies exchanged up to that point.

If you have to cancel your experience day for any reason & we cannot find an alternative date within your required time frame Rosalyn's Emporium will retain your 50% deposit & any additional payments made.

I advise to book ahead as much as possible to allow extra time for rearranging dates for unforeseen circumstances. I will do my best to accommodate changes but not to the detriment of my other commitments. 

It is your responsibility to ensure you can reach Chesham on the required dates & times. If travelling by tube please check the TFL journey planner at least one week before your appointment to ensure the tube is in service for Chesham on that day. You may need to allow extra journey time or source alternative transport if there are disruptions.

Exceptional situations will of course be considered. Please be honest & I will do my best to find a solution.

Health & Safety Policy

Your safety & mine is of the utmost importance.  

Rosalyn's Emporium has full Public Liability insurance in the event something goes wrong both at wedding fairs & in my workshop.

My workshop has fire safety equipment & a first aid kit. I use safety pickle for cleaning items after soldering.

The following safety equipment will be provided for you to use at appropriate times:
Aprons & shirt for polishing
Finger guards for cutting & polishing

For your safety & comfort I ask that you do the following:
Wear long hair tied back. I can provide a hair band if needed.  
Wear old, dark coloured clothes if possible that you don't mind getting grubby. Polishing can leave marks on lighter tops & it doesn't always wash out
Wear closed toe shoes (I will not have spare shoes so please bring your own)
Have short fingernails - please book your manicure for after the experience day, not before!

For insurance purposes only Roz Prest is permitted to use the hand torch for soldering.

Dietary requirements:
Light refreshments will be provided during the experience day. Please alert me during your consultation meeting if you have any dietary restrictions & I will provide something suitable. 
You can of course bring your own refreshments if you wish. 

We do have a cat so if you have an allergy please mention it so I can prepare as much as possible. Please also bring your own allergy medication so you are not uncomfortable during the experience day.

Security Policy

In order to keep costs to a minimum I do not keep stock of materials required to make wedding rings. I only order them as required by individual clients. This also reduces the security risk.  

If for any reason you need to leave a valuable item with me, I ask that you ensure it is also sufficiently covered by your own insurance beforehand.  

My workshop is lockable & items of value will be kept in a safe when not in use. This will only be accessed by myself, Roz Prest.  

Items in my possession will only leave the premises with your specific written permission if it is required to send them somewhere else e.g. if you want me to rhodium plate an existing engagement ring for you. I will either hand deliver or use Royal Mail Special Delivery with appropriate compensation levels.

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