Make your own wedding rings at Rosalyn\'s Emporium.


Below are Rosalyn's Emporium T&C's which we reserve the right to alter at any time.   
Last updated October 2018.

50% Non-Refundable Deposit

Following your consultation I will provide you with a quote for the experience day + materials as per your requirements. You will have 5 calendar days to review & confirm you are happy with the quote. During the consultation I will indicate how long it will be until I can provide you with a quote dependant on your time scales & my workload.

Once confirmed you will be required to pay a 50% non-refundable deposit which will secure your experience day date & allow precious metals to be ordered at the quoted value. The deposit is payable within the 5 day quote period.

If you are making rings in Platinum or Palladium you will make silver master rings during your experience day. These will be moulded & cast in your chosen metal afterwards. Cast rings will be quoted closer to your experience day so that the final metal costs are most accurate. A 50% non-refundable deposit will still be required within 5 days of the invoice being issued. I can provide an estimated quote if you require following your consultation & will update it nearer your experience day.

If you are carving your items from wax & then having them moulded & cast in metal I will provide an estimated quote based on a sample weight we have agreed upon. I will advise when you are making the wax model how much it weighs & if it is likely to cost more then the original sample. You will be invoiced for any subsequent increase if you knowingly complete the item heavier then the original quote. 

Prices can go up or down so you will always get the best value because I buy at the current market rate.

The 50% deposit for all experience days is payable by bank transfer to the account details provided on the invoice. If you do not pay within the 5 days the quote may need to be reissued to ensure the precious metal price is still accurate.

If paying using Paypal any subsequent additional Paypal charges will be confirmed to you & added to your final invoice.

Remaining 50% Invoice

The remaining 50% invoice will be payable at least 48 hours prior to your experience day taking place. This is payable by bank transfer using the bank account details provided on the invoice. 

In exceptional circumstances payment plans & installments can be arranged but in all cases a 50% non-refundable deposit must be paid before an experience day takes place & full payment must be received before any completed items are taken by the relevant clients.

Any additional costs such as increased casting weights, postage, additional engraving or gifts will be added to your final 50% invoice or requested following your experience day. 

Consultation Time & Place 

Consultations should ideally take place at least 6 months prior to you needing the completed wedding rings. Bear in mind this may be earlier than your actual wedding date, especially if you are marrying abroad.  

Shorter time frames can be managed but may incur additional costs for express hallmarking or mean you have to delay engraving or rhodium plating until after the wedding day.  

Consultations will take place in my workshop in Chesham, Buckinghamshire. Chesham is a market town situated in the Chiltern Hills. The full address for my workshop will provided in advance. 

If I meet you at a wedding fair & can take your details this will be our consultation & we can establish if another meeting is required prior to quotation.    
Consultations can take place at weekends, weekdays or evenings with advance notice & will last for up to 1.5 hours. There is no charge for a consultation & no obligation to continue if I can not offer what you want.  

TRAVELLING TO CHESHAM BY TUBE:  Chesham can be reached via the Metropolitan tube line zone 9. I advise you to check TFL journey planner one week prior to making your journey to Chesham on the tube. There are sometimes weekend restrictions to Chesham due to track works so you may need to make alternative travel plans or allow extra time for rail replacement services. These track works are out of my control & it is your responsibility to ensure you can travel to Chesham on the required dates & times we have agreed. I will not be able to refund charges if you cannot travel to Chesham due to this reason. 

TRAVELLING TO CHESHAM BY CAR:  Chesham is easily reached via the M1, M40 & M25. My workshop is a very short walk from the Albany Place car park outside the Elgiva Theatre (HP5 1LL) This is the easiest option for you to park & costs £1.40 for up to 2 hours. (prices correct for January 2018). Pay by phone is available in this car park.

Experience Day Time & Place 

Ideally the experience day should be held a minimum of 3 months before you need the completed wedding rings. This allows for hallmarking, engraving & rhodium plating if required. Cast rings may take longer to complete.

The experience day will run from 10am - 5pm & we will allow an hour for lunch where you are free to walk in to Chesham to find something to eat. There are plenty of cafes & coffee shops to choose from & sometimes a local food market too.

TRAVELLING TO CHESHAM BY TUBE:  Please read the comments above in 'Consultation Time & Place' regarding checking TFL planner one week before travelling. My workshop is no more than a 10 minute walk from the train station & I will give you clear directions in advance. 

TRAVELLING TO CHESHAM BY CAR:  Chesham is easily reached via the M1, M40 & M25. My workshop is a very short walk from the Albany Place car park outside the Elgiva Theatre (HP5 1LL) This is the easiest option for you to park & costs £3.60 for the day (prices correct for January 2018). Pay by phone is available in this car park.


Below are Rosalyn's Emporium Policies which we reserve the right to alter at any time.   
Last updated June 2018.

Cancellation Policy

CONSULTATION: 24 hours cancellation notice required.
If either party need to cancel your consultation for any reason I will do my best to rearrange with you at a convenient time within your allowed time frame. 

If we are not able to arrange an alternative consultation within a time frame that allows me to give you the best service possible I may regretfully have to refuse your booking. No money will have exchanged hands at this point & you will be free to find alternative wedding rings from another source. 

If I need to cancel your experience day for any reason & we cannot find an alternative date within your required time frame you will be issued with a full refund for any monies exchanged up to that point.

If you have to cancel your experience day for any reason & we cannot find an alternative date within your required time frame Rosalyn's Emporium will retain your 50% deposit & any additional payments made.

I advise to book ahead as much as possible to allow extra time for rearranging dates for unforeseen circumstances. I will do my best to accommodate changes but not to the detriment of my other commitments. 

It is your responsibility to ensure you can reach Chesham on the required dates & times. If travelling by tube please check the TFL journey planner at least one week before your appointment to ensure the tube is in service for Chesham on that day. You may need to allow extra journey time or source alternative transport if there are disruptions.

Exceptional situations will of course be considered. Please be honest & I will do my best to find a solution.

Health & Safety Policy

Your safety & mine is of the utmost importance.  

Rosalyn's Emporium has full Public Liability insurance covering Roz Prest to teach adults & children jewellery making classes. The insurance also covers for any accidents caused by Rosalyn’s Emporium / Roz Prest at any public events taken part in.

You will be asked to sign an Accident Waiver & Release of Liability form prior to taking part in any jewellery making activity with Rosalyn’s Emporium. This ensures your commitment to being respectful of the guidance you are given & to take responsibility for your own actions within the environment you are being taught in.

Risk assessments are also available for my workshop & for any classes held on other sites.

My workshop has fire safety equipment & a first aid kit. There are doors in the workshop which provide 2 options for emergency exit if needed. 

For your safety & comfort I ask that you do the following:
Wear long hair tied back. I can provide a hair band if needed.  
Wear old, dark coloured clothes if possible that you don't mind getting grubby. Polishing can leave marks on lighter tops & it doesn't always wash out
Wear closed toe shoes (I will not have spare shoes so please bring your own)
Have short fingernails - please book your manicure for after the experience day, not before!

For insurance purposes only Roz Prest is permitted to use the hand torch for soldering.

Dietary requirements:
Light refreshments will be provided during the experience day. Please alert me during your consultation meeting if you have any dietary restrictions & I will provide something suitable. 
You can of course bring your own refreshments if you wish. 

Please notify me if you have any allergy you think might be aggravated by being in a workshop environment (eg: dust allergy etc)

We also have a kitten so please take or bring allergy relief with you. I will clean the workshop as much as possible & the kitten does not need to be in the room if it effects your experience.

Please take any relevant allergy medicine prior to attending the workshop or bring it with you in case it's needed.

Alcohol & Drugs:
The consumption of alcohol & any illegal drugs before or during the workshop experience is forbidden. Anyone believed to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs when attending the workshop will be asked to leave for your own safety. You are at risk of injuring yourself if your judgement is impaired.

As a parting gift when you finish your ‘M.Y.O. wedding rings’ experience day I give you a small 10cl bottle of locally distilled gin to take home with you.

If you do not wish to receive this gift for any reason please let me know. You are welcome to take it & gift to someone else if you prefer.

Valuables Policy

In order to keep costs to a minimum I do not keep stock of materials required to make wedding rings. I only order them as required by individual clients. This also reduces the security risk.  

If for any reason you need to leave a valuable item with me, I ask that you ensure it is also sufficiently covered by your own insurance beforehand.  

My workshop is lockable & items of value will be kept in a safe when not in use. This will only be accessed by myself, Roz Prest.  

Items in my possession will only leave the premises with your specific written permission if it is required to send them somewhere else e.g. if you want me to rhodium plate an existing engagement ring for you. I will either hand deliver or use Royal Mail Special Delivery with appropriate compensation levels.

Privacy Policy (GDPR compliant)

  1. Name
  2. Mobile / phone number
  3. Email address/s
  4. Personal or work address (or other if items are to be posted)
  5. Fingerprints (for engraving purposes only)
  6. Finger size
  7. Photos of you in my workshop or jewellery classes at another venue
  8. Wedding date / location
  9. Where you found out about my business
  10. Images you give me related to the work I am carrying out for you
  1. I will only ask for relevant personal information in order to complete your specific job.  
  2. I do not share any of your personal information with 3rd parties unless I have your permission (see below) or am required by law to do so.
  3. 3rd parties & what part of your personal information I would share with them:
            WeTransfer - your email address in order to send you photos of your experience day.
            Royal Mail -  contact name & address if posting items to you.
  4. When working with a couple I am happy to take one person’s contact details or a joint wedding email address if that is easier for you. I will primarily contact you by email but possibly phone or text if needs arise. I will agree this with you in advance if needed.
  5. It is your responsibility to ensure that you provide me with contact details suitable to discuss, agree & communicate about the work we are doing together or I am doing for you as a commission. This allows me to do my job professionally & within the time required.
  6. Your personal information is stored on hard copy files which do not leave my workshop & on digital files which are only accessible by me using a password which no one else knows. The password is updated regularly.
  7. Any work that has passed on to a skilled 3rd party is identified by my own contact details & a code that helps me identify it back to the client it is intended for.
  8. I will only contact you directly in relation to your specific project, or to update you on developments in Rosalyn’s Emporium such as events, awards or competitions I am taking part in, new collections or offers within my own business. This will be done through direct one-to-one email if relevant to you specifically, my social media accounts & occasionally by a generic MailChimp. You are free to unsubscribe from this at any point.
  9. Any fingerprints taken or given to me for engraving use will be returned to you along with your completed items. The original copy is sent to the engraver I use & they are returned to me with your items. Any copies I’ve taken for reference will be shredded once the engraved item is returned & I no longer need the prints.
  10. I take photos of you whilst you are in my workshop making wedding rings or jewellery gifts. This is included as part of the experience day rate to ensure you have some quality images to remember the day. With your permission I will use some of the photos on my website, social media accounts or for possible future marketing. I will gain your written permission before doing so & any images you wish to remain private will be deleted.
  11. I will share selected images from the experience day with you using WeTransfer sent to the email address/es you have provided me with.
  12. If you do not wish me take photos of you I will not. You are welcome to take your own photos.
  13. I will publically share images of the items that you or I am making or completed but keep any text generic so as to protect your identity. I will delay posting or not use at all images that are of gifts or surprises which you want to remain secret until a certain date.
  14. I do not tag you in any photos but if you choose to comment on something I may respond directly to you using the name you have commented with.
  15. Any reviews or quotes that you leave with regards to your experience with Rosalyn’s Emporium will be at your discretion & names used only if you are happy to do so. I reserve the right to edit any reviews in length but will never rewrite what you have expressed, or post fake reviews.
  16. All the content I use on my website, social media & marketing is genuine & with the permission of my clients where relevant.
  17. If for any reason I think I may have mis-used your personal data in any way I will alert you so that you can check security from your own perspective.
  18. I send you a copy of the information sheets & invoices via email so that we both have a trace of what information has changed hands.
  19. I may use Google Analytics & Mailchimp in future to monitor use of my website, social media platforms & marketing campaigns. This information is only used for my business purposes & does not get shared with anyone else. It will help me to ensure I only contact you with information that I believe would be of interest.
  20. You are free to unsubscribe from any future marketing campaigns I may send you in future.
  21. You are free to unfollow any of my social media accounts.
  22. If I attend a wedding fair or event & am passed your details via that events mailing list I may send you a welcome mail initially but you are free to unsubscribe at any point. I do not share contact lists with anyone. If I do not have any marketing campaigns planned at that time I may contact you later & again you will be free to unsubscribe at any point.
  1. My website contains links to other sites, suppliers, online content that I’ve written or contributed to & associations that are known to & recommended by me.
  2. My social media accounts may contain links to other accounts or businesses relevant to that specific post. I might tag people or businesses that I work with, support or think you might find interesting.
  3. If you click on any link from my website or social media accounts which takes you to a new page outside of my own I can not be held responsible for your subsequent experience. I have no control over your security & privacy once leaving my own platforms.
  4. I always put links on my website to open up in a new tab so the original Rosalyn’s Emporium page will still be open for you to go back to should you wish without using the back button. You can then close any new page in isolation of Rosalyn’s Emporium website.
  5. I regularly update & refresh my website to ensure content is current & relevant.
  6. Before entering your details on any website you should exercise caution & check that website’s own security statement.
  7. My website is secured with SiteLock SECURE. Any information you enter into the online contact form is sent direct to my business email account & stored online within the web builder Sitey.
  8. If you prefer not to use the contact form you can email me direct on: [email protected]
  1. Your personal information is usually held on a hard copy & digital format.
  2. The hard copy is updated with progress relating to your specific project. Once complete it will be filed for my records & reference if needed.
  3. I will shred hard copy files 12 months after completion of the work.
  4. The hard copy file will remain in my workshop unless I need to take a specific piece of information with me to help progress a certain stage of your items. I will ensure that I take only relevant information for the particular reference needed (eg: to Hatton Garden for a stone setter or engraving detail)
  5. I may need to ring you to offer an immediate quote & gain approval to leave work with a 3rd party. This will be agreed in advance with you & date / approximate time given in advance of calling you to check it is convenient & what number to call you on.
  6. The digital copy is filed & only accessible by a password protected folder. No one else has the password. The password is updated regularly.
  7. The Wi-Fi I use in my workshop is password protected & has firewalls built in for added security. I do not log on to guest Wi-Fi’s.
  8. Hard copy files will be shredded if we do not contractually work together (no money has exchanged hands).
  9. If we form an agreement to work together & you pay deposits / final balance I will keep your personal details on digital file for at least 7 years to comply with invoicing & accounting requirements.